• Stock and Pantry - Original Hot Jam - a savory condiment with artisan cheese, meats, eggs and toasted bread
  • Stock and Pantry - Proper Marmalade - a balance of bitter and sweet with toasted bread
  • Stock and Pantry - Original Hot Jam and Tomato Kasundi with cheese and meat plates
  • Stock and Pantry - Gentleman's Mustard  our English style Hot and Sweet mustard for everything
  • Stock and Pantry - Melted cheese sandwich with Gentleman's Mustard and spring water
  • Stock and Pantry - Tomato Kasundi in hand crafted pottery by Vitrified Studio


At Stock and Pantry, we make everything with passion & pride in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Our travels around the world, combined with the wealth of local resources that we are so lucky to have inspire us to create a new palate for your pantry.