In Seattle, each summer is cherished, but looking forward to the season is pretty universal. Wherever you are, this summer is probably going to look a bit different that any other year, but there is still so much to enjoy.

Cooking outdoors is always more fun, especially if you are getting a little tired of your own kitchen. The Outdoor Kitchen: Live Fire Cooking From the Grill has recipes for family meals, romantic nights-in, and warm weather culinary adventures for every level of skill. Even if you’re simply cooking for one or two, Nothing Fancy: Unfussy Food For Having People Over will lend your at-home meals a festive flair they might be lacking lately. Many of these inventive but easy-to-follow (and plan) recipes work perfectly for low-key anniversary or birthday celebrations. You can easily adjust the quantities for smaller tables, or you can skip that part and enjoy leftovers for a few days.

One of the best parts about warmer months can be hardly needing to cook at all. Haku’s shoyus are so complex and flavorful, they’re all you need to add to grilled fish or chicken. Pair your selection with fresh vegetables, drizzled with ILA’s impossibly delicious olive oil and a sprinkling of finishing salt. Follow it with your favorite fruit or cocktail, served in our cheerful and versatile blush-colored glasses.

For those of us without a lot of access to the outdoors or working from home in smaller apartments, try brightening your space early this year with crisp, white planters, simple, handmade bud vases filled with greenery, and natural wooden bowls to help keep things tidy. Look for the same elements to summarize your home as you would your wardrobe - breathable, washable fabrics, serene silhouettes, and natural materials. Update your home fragrance with a light floral or citrus candle or diffuser for an immediate lift in mood.

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