Hello everyone —

We're in this together!

Now, more than ever, we all rely on your patronage to remain a part of the community. In times of crisis and uncertainty, you can make a huge impact by remaining involved in local culture and commerce. 

Purchasing gift cards is the easiest way to help out any business. The sales provide crucial revenue now, and you can choose what you'd like later.

You can find many things at Stock & Pantry to make the transition more comfortable. When you're spending more time at home, we prescribe nesting!

Your physical environment is absolutely crucial to your emotional and mental well being, which has a direct impact on your overall health. 

Just a few ideas on making the best of staying in:

Find yourself growing bored of cooking already? We have lots of ways to (literally) spice up your cooking, beautiful non-stick cookware from Danish brand Eva Solo, hand-carved wooden mixing and serving bowls from B.C., and new cookbooks to inspire you. If you're ordering-in from your favorite local restaurants, try using our linen napkins to avoid wasting the disposable paper ones. 

Are you cleaning a little more than usual and washing your hands a ton? We have the most effective and luxurious hand wash and hand lotion in delicious scents. We also have super-soft cotton tea towels to replace paper towels, and the most absorbent and quick drying hand and bath towels we have ever found. Seriously - the best.

Please take care of yourselves and each other, and let's all do everything we can to ensure our cities and towns remain the lively, diverse, and thriving places we are all proud to call home. 

Sasha, Alex, Jessica, and Dickie the Westie