Originally from Onalaska, WA, Michael Duryea is a mixed media artist based in Seattle, WA. In 2013, Michael completed his BFA from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA. Michael started his career in photography, but once he encountered mixed media painting — there was no looking back.


Artist Statement

I believe the process of creating art can heal, inspire, and bring meaning to practitioners. For me, creating art helps bridge narratives, these narratives aid in reframing personal struggles as stories; these stories then allow me to reflect and create manageable outcomes with meaning.

Throughout our lives, our foundations will be challenged, by the world, ourselves, and surrounding people. With each challenge, we begin to feel as though we are falling apart, however, with faith, patience, and perseverance, we find a way to hold ourselves together, ultimately, we begin to believe in ourselves.

My work is a visual representation of the human condition and the various defenses we create to liberate ourselves, gain control, and build meaning. To create my artwork, I use a mixture of sand, different rocks and minerals, and acrylic paint. These elements represent the attitudes, fears, and unwritten rules which have formed our view of the world and our behavior within it. The creation of the foundation and new terrain series has taught me to embrace pain, accept change, practice self-love and acceptance, trust in my foundation, reframe old scripts, and to welcome all of the beauty that this life has to offer.