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Drift candle holders by Saul Becker of Architecture + Design firm Mutuus Studio. Made from a solid 360 brass hex bar, this is a robust yet elegant holder that is an equally beautiful sculpture. + a perfect gift. Includes 12 tapered beeswax candles.

Mutuus Studio is a Seattle based Architecture and design firm founded in 2016, by architects Jim Friesz and Kristen Becker and artist Saul Becker. The studio designs objects, interiors, and environments. 

The name Mutuus (moo-tus) is the Latin word for "mutual / exchange” reinforcing their philosophy that design is inherently collaborative and mutually beneficial.

“An important aspect of our studio is making and crafting custom pieces for our clients.” Saul Becker notes. “We are thrilled to be making the Drift candle holders available to the public.”

Artist Saul Becker leads the Mutuus Made collection that includes the design and fabrication of lighting, hardware, and objects. As a practicing fine artist with a background as a shipwright, Saul's meticulous and hands-on approach to design brings craft and experimentation to the design process.

Saul Becker runs an active studio practice as a painter, printmaker, and sculptor obsessed with landscape. He has had numerous solo shows at Horton Gallery in Chelsea, New York and has exhibited recently at Greg Kucera Gallery in Seattle.

Saul is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards, residencies, and grants including an NYFA Fellowship, the Virginia Museum of Fine Art Fellowship, Artist Trust Fellowship, The Arctic Circle 2010 Expedition, and Gros Morne Artist Residency.

His work has been published in numerous of national publications such as The New York Times, The New Yorker, NY Arts Magazine, The Seattle Times and New American Paintings. He also currently serves as a board member for 4 Culture in Seattle.

A set of 2, solid brass


3~3/8" H | 1~1/8" Base

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