$70 USD

Graanmarkt 13 is a special house, where each floor tells a story. Founded by Ilse Cornelissens and Tim Van Geloven, it’s a crossover place full of surprises.

Inside, you'll find a store, a restaurant, and an apartment. Warm light, friendly minds, and a tranquil atmosphere fill the spaces. As soon as you arrive, you are a guest to be treated with great care in a haven of calm and inspiration.

The store is a place where established fashion, interior, and beauty brands meet their cutting-edge, emerging counterparts. Architect Vincent Van Duysen sculpted the beautiful open spaces with a strong linear, yet warm hand. The downstairs restaurant is run by acclaimed chef Seppe Nobels, who transforms the daily harvest of locally sourced fresh ingredients, garden herbs, and Graanmarkt rooftop honey into generous dishes. Renowned art director Bob Verhelst took the concept of Graanmarkt 13 to another level with his unusual scenography, not following the fashion system as we know it today. The Brussels agency Base Design crafted Graanmarkt 13’s visual identity and gave the house an inspired voice.

On special occasions Tim and Ilse even share their top floor apartment with visitors, to showcase design talent in an intimate and relaxed setting. Described as their best-kept secret, this luxury apartment with hotel service is also available for short and long stays. Designed to be a home away from home, in the heart of fashion hub Antwerp.

This is an inspiring book by the founders of Cereal Magazine, triggering all the senses. A tribute to the city of Antwerp, this detailed and fascinating work documents Graanmarkt 13's evolution from a conceptual spark to a home for a growing family of people who share in a desire for quality and the art of well-living. 


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