$48 USD

"All of my designs have evolved from simple respect for form, and the unending ability of clay to respond to my abilities to create forms I find pleasing."
- Judy Jackson

Based in New York, Judy Jackson has been working as a potter for decades. We have selected our favorite pieces from her collection in pure white, so their personality is seen effortlessly, and the differences in each vase and bottle are highlighted. 

Highly collectible, utterly charming, perfectly imperfect. 

Her handmade stoneware pieces are wheel-thrown, slab built, slip cast, or made combining these methods. Her matte glazes are dipped and poured before being oxidation-fired to durable stoneware temperature. 

Choose from Round, Oval or Bottle shaped vases in three sizes: 

ROUND : Small-4 H x 4 W" |
Medium-5.5 H x 4.5 W" | Large-8 H x 6.5 W"*

OVAL : Small-6 H x 3.5W" | 
Medium -7 H x 4 W" | Large-10 H x 6 W" | Grand - 20"H x 14" W

Small-8 H x 3 W" |
Medium-10 H x 3.25 W" | Large-12 H x 3.5 W" *

All measurements are approximate. Due to the nature of Judy's work, each piece varies slightly in shape, size, texture, and color. 

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