$65 USD

Step up your entertaining game with these beautiful white oak serving boards.

Handmade in Ottawa of premium Canadian hardwood, using locally salvaged and reclaimed wood from the local area.

Each board is made from off cuts from large pieces of furniture and comes engraved with details of the species and the trees origin. The boards are soaked and finished with food grade coconut oil.

Please note: Due to the handmade nature of these wood products, there will be variations between each piece in wood grain and color. Some boards have natural holes filled in with epoxy.  Images are representative and do not necessarily reflect the exact piece you will receive.

Small: 12" diameter,1.125" thick

Medium: 16"diameter, 1.125" thick

Care: hand wash using mild dish soap or preferably just water.  Dry thoroughly and occasionally rub with food grade coconut oil to prevent dryness.

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