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Established over 100 years ago, Eva Solo creates Danish-designed kitchenware known for its aesthetic appeal, functionality, and high quality. Their starting point was functional, high-quality kitchen utensils for the Scandinavian housewife. As women entered the workforce, they developed tools to make cooking easier. In the 1970s, when open-plan kitchens became all the rage, Eva Solo was the first company to produce kitchen equipment that was sufficiently stylish to leave out on display.

The NORDIC KITCHEN collection is their latest addition to their cookware line - each piece designed to be used every day but remain beautiful for years.

THE NORDIC KITCHEN FRYING PAN: Solid 7 mm base and is suitable for frying all types of meat and vegetables. The wood handle ensures a firm grip at all times. Easy to clean with hot water and soap.

THE NORDIC KITCHEN POT: Ideal for cooking vegetables and soups as well as braising and frying meat. Both the pot and lid withstand high temperatures and can therefore be used in the oven. Large, flat handles, both the pot and the lid are easy to handle, even when using potholders. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

THE NORDIC KITCHEN SAUTE PAN WITH LID: Steep high sides make it equally suitable for sautéing, simmering, and the light frying of vegetables and meat and also frying over high heat with only a minimum of fat. The wood handle ensures a firm grip during use. Easy to clean with hot water and soap. The lid has flat handles so it is easy to handle – even with potholders.

Non-Stick - 24 cm
Easy handling due to low weight
Can be used on all heat sources, including induction
Materials: Aluminum, PFOA and PFOS-free non-stick Slip-Let® coating, Oak (Frying Pan and Saute Pan)

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