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"My own philosophy for interior designing is that by creating an atmosphere with your décor, you automatically have a personal home. A good starting point in the quest for designing a cozy and beautiful setting is to adapt to your surrounding architecture and nature. To understand your own style is tantamount to interior designing with that ever-important personal touch. And finding your own individual style can be a difficult and confusing journey." - Katrine Martensen-Larsen

Danish interior designer and TV personality Katrine Martensen-Larsen invites you inside nine inspirational and varied Nordic homes, sharing her best tips along the way, such as practicing the valuable art of restraint, working effectively with mood boards, and learning to prioritize tasks and concepts. Discover authentic Scandinavian style, while enriching your designs with expressive touches of individuality. 

The often cold climate and long dark winters of the author's native Denmark naturally mean spending many hours indoors, which is why such great emphasis is placed on a cozy and beautiful interior ambiance. We think the same can be said for the Pacific Northwest, especially here in Seattle, where long, demanding work weeks and compact, urban dwellings are often the norm. Nordic Moods is a complete primer for decorating your space in the Nordic style, no matter where you call home. 

Richly illustrated by photographer Kira Brandt.


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