$240 USD

Finding a knife more stylish is highly unlikely.

No two Poglia knives are the same.  Each blade is hand-drawn and forged from repurposed steel, and cut mostly from reclaimed plow disks; This is Poglia's signature. Everything is done the old-school way. 

The blades aren't stainless, so they'll age and develop a natural patina. This adds character and style to the quality of the blade. Every mark or abrasion is a memory that enriches the product and gives it a distinct, timeless edge.

The handle is made of ancient materials like horn and bone. These are materials that "breathe" and react to changes in weather and temperature in their environment.  Because of this, they don't have total control over how they'll age overtime. That's the beauty of the process.

Poglia knives are handled by eight hands, from the initial design to the final polish. 

- 5 1/2" total length, 2 1/2" blade length

- Available in Horn (dark) and Bone (light)

- Hand-wash only.  Dry well. If needed, lubricate with mineral oil. 

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