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The first book in the seasonal cooking series by Karen Mordechai of Sunday Suppers, Simple Fare: Spring and Summer is a richly illustrated resource, focused on market-driven cooking.

Simple Fare: Spring/Summer is a beautifully illustrated cookbook featuring seasonal, market-driven fare that encourages readers to cook simply and intuitively.

The recipes are designed to excite and inspire, each offering 3 to 5 alternate ingredients that can be used in the same preparation.

A smoked beet Panzanella with purple kale, radicchio, and ricotta, for example, suggests a carrot, mizuna, watercress, and yogurt adaptation or tomato, arugula, purple basil, and burrata, allowing the reader flexibility depending on what is fresh at the market.

The food is approachable but decidedly nuanced, balancing unexpected flavor profiles with beautiful presentations.

With 68 recipes and 97 variations, Simple Fare is an oversized, distinctively designed kitchen essential of more than 165 seasonal recipes. This book is a valuable resource for avid cooks and beginners alike.

Accented by unforgettable photography that showcases Mordechai’s minimalist style, Simple Fare is an oversized, distinc­tively designed kitchen essential.


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