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HAV [HOW], Nordic for 'sea'.

Inspired by the endless coastlines of Scandinavia are surrounded by the cold waters of the North Atlantic, Baltic and Arctic seas.

Infused with notes of water flora, driftwood, sea froth and fresh air.

Skandinavisk diffusers bring subtle and stable fragrance to your home or office for months on end. A painted glass bottle with the blend of perfume and natural alcohol for improved fragrance diffusion. includes a sealed stopper and 8 natural rattan reed sticks.

To get the most from your HAV scent diffuser remove the seal, place the sticks into the liquid – the more sticks used the stronger the scent - then rotate the sticks weekly, using a paper towel to hold them.

Designed in Denmark. Made in France. 

bottle 3''H, 6.8 oz.

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